Be Willing To Be Weird

ITU Commencement Speech - May 2017

Below is the video and transcript for my commencement speech at ITU last month. The topic of the speech was on the entanglement of fear, failure and conformity. To be successful, we all must be willing to be weird. Be different. Use our creativity to win in the emerging creative economy. Note: The following transcript […]

How Does Creativity Benefit the Economy?

economy creativity creative innovation

Creativity produces fresh ideas, which are the basis for progress in today’s economy.  Why should we value creativity in the 21st century?  With an uncertain global economy and a need not just for progress, but for innovative progress that creates jobs and benefits the global society, emphasizing creativity is more important than ever.  A creative economy is […]

Education And Innovation

education is key to any countries ability to innovate

On my flight back to the US yesterday, I was reading the Wall Street Journal Europe and came across an editorial piece by Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York City.  In the editorial, Mayor Bloomberg takes the current education “industry” (if you could really call it that) to task … “For much of the […]