How Does Creativity Benefit the Economy?

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Creativity produces fresh ideas, which are the basis for progress in today’s economy.  Why should we value creativity in the 21st century?  With an uncertain global economy and a need not just for progress, but for innovative progress that creates jobs and benefits the global society, emphasizing creativity is more important than ever.  A creative economy is the hidden force that keeps us moving in the right direction.

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Innovative Solutions to the Economy

Being creative keeps businesses flexible and able to produce innovative solutions to a wide range of problems.  Whether this involves changing a business strategy, inventing new technology, or changing business practices in order to stay relevant, creativity can keep companies afloat in an uncertain economic climate.

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Creativity Keeps Businesses Competitive

The most innovative businesses are ones who are able to perceive customer demand (podcast) and invent creative solutions to best meet the demand.  Creativity can keep a business competitive in a quickly changing marketplace.  As an example, consider Google’s emphasis on creativity as a fuel for success.   Companies that emphasize creativity become leaders in their fields since they are never satisfied with the status quo and are always exploring new solutions and ideas.

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Creative Industries Create Jobs

On a large scale, creativity holds the power to create entire industries.  Consider bio-medical and alternative energy.  Jobs are being created in response to the growing demand for innovations from these new and fast-growing industries.  If it weren't for the creativity that created these industries, these jobs would not exist today.  Lets never lose sight that today’s creativity creates tomorrow’s industry.

What is your company doing to compete in the creative economy?

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