What does 10 years in the future look like?

  Below are the slides from a speech I recently gave where I discussed the innovations that will define the landscape over the next 10 years. The world continues to undergo radical change, and it is important to understand the challenges that will arise and how businesses and consumers prepare for the change. I gave […]


What Will Be The Gadgets You Are Carrying in 2015?

https://www.solar1.org/do-my-homework-writing-assignments-4475/ Its that time of year again where SXSW posts the ideas for this years speaker/panel topics and asks for people to vote on the best proposal. The panel that have been proposed for me to talk to is:


https://ahamediagroup.com/blog/pay-someone-to-write-a-research-paper/49/ Can you predict what the future will look like in 5 to 10 years? Hacking the future requires the ability to dream, to visualize and the ability to connect the impossible with the possible. In this session, Phil McKinney will make some bold predictions for the future – backed up with a number of breakthrough prototypes. This session is a futurist’s view of the world that will surprise and alarm you.

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Slides For “Predicting The Future: Answers Versus Questions” Speech

https://meownowfl.org/donations/jamaica-viagra-3/56/ Last week, I gave a keynote speech at Edelman’s Leadership event in Chicago. The company brings together the top ~100 executives from around the world once a year. Richard Edelman asked me to present a talk at lunch about the “future of technology”. I took some liberty with the topic and focused on the needed skill of “planning for the future”.

Video of “Hacking The Future” Speech

http://tomrush.com/pleasantville-essays-changes/   The video of the “Hacking The Future” speech I gave at Maker Faire 2010 has been posted over at Fora.tv.  The foundation for the speech is the precept that the world in changing at an ever increasing pace.  To ensure we, as a civilization, are prepared for this changing future, we need to spend […]

20 Years In To The Future

https://www.catholicgentleman.net/2019/education-is-the-key-to-success-in-life-essay/52/ During my recent trip to Shanghai, I gave a press conference where I presented a vision and timeline of major shifts occurring over the next 20 years.  For those of you who are podcast listeners, you know that I’m not a big believer of random long range forcasting.  In this case, we’ve been careful to […]