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The video of the “Hacking The Future” speech I gave at Maker Faire 2010 has been posted over at  The foundation for the speech is the precept that the world in changing at an ever increasing pace.  To ensure we, as a civilization, are prepared for this changing future, we need to spend the time and try to understand what the future will/could look like.

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One word of caution.  Anyone who says they can predict the future is fooling themselves.  Its not about predicting “the” future but instead getting a feel for the “range of possible futures”.  Once you have an understanding of these possible futures, you can ensure your strategies, plans, R&D, investment, etc are robust enough to withstand the most likely changes.

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In the speech, I talk specifically about the role of science fiction impact on ideas/innovations.

NOTE:  Fora.TV only allows me to embed the first 10 minutes of the speech.  If you want to watch the whole speech, you will need to go to:

Hacking The Future on (38 min)

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