Simple invention solves annoying problem in the game of golf

golf frustration innovation

We all have pet-peeves, those small things that annoy us or seem unnecessarily complicated.  What if instead of letting your aggravation build up, you used obnoxious things in life to inspire you to create, innovate and strategize? Event for something like the game of golf. That’s exactly what Aran Aleamoni did, when he created a […]

Inviting you to hear it first. Announcing my new book, “Beyond The Obvious”

I’m thrilled to say I’ve just wrapped up the manuscript to my first book, Beyond the Obvious: Killer Questions That Spark Game-Changing Innovation, published by Hyperion and due on the shelf February 7, 2012. The crux of the book is about generating ideas that lead to breakthrough innovations.  Why is this so important? Constantly generating […]

Walking The Plank

Walking the plank

Imagine a long narrow wooden plank that is ten feet long and three feet wide.  Place it on the ground.  Can you walk on it?  Of course.  You can jump up and down, dance, and even walk along with your eyes shut.  Now prop the plank up so that it is three feet off the […]