Simple invention solves annoying problem in the game of golf

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We all have pet-peeves, those small things that annoy us or seem unnecessarily complicated.  What if instead of letting your aggravation build up, you used obnoxious things in life to inspire you to create, innovate and strategize? Event for something like the game of golf.

That's exactly what Aran Aleamoni did, when he created a simple solution to a very common annoyance in a game of golf.  If you've played much golf you've probably experienced having to work around someone's ball marker in order to make your putt.  Ball markers, even as small as dimes, stick up from the course and can impede the path of other player's balls.  Aleamoni had encountered this a lot because he worked as a caddy at a golf course in Arizona.

Aleamoni's invention is incredibly simple, but it solves a real problem so efficiently that it's sure to be a successful business venture. Aleamoni created a ball marking system that uses baking soda to make a mark on the grass itself.  When the round is finished, the baking soda can be brushed off leaving the green exactly as it started, but in the meantime the ball placement is marked with nothing protruding from the surface of the green.

When Aleamoni was interviewed by his local news station, he talked about how often people think of solutions to problems but never take the next steps.  His product, the promark ballmarker is for sale online.

Aleamoni's story is the perfect example of how great inventions don't have to be high-tech or involve a lot of scientific breakthrough.  You don't have to have special expertise or industrial know-how to invent a product that people will love.  Big inventions can be the result of training yourself to think differently about the little annoyances you experience in every day life. If you want to learn how to innovate solutions, please contact us, we believe everyone can learn how to think like an inventor.


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