What are the innovations emerging from Africa?

I don’t know (yet) what innovations are emerging from Africa but as part of the Pay-It-Forward Project, we will be spending the holidays in Africa (Rwanda specifically).  We will arrive in Africa on December 14th and return to Colorado on January 3rd (just in time for CES) – with regular updates/photos posted to the blog […]

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Beyond The Obvious is named Top 10 Business Book …. in Austria!

Yesterday I got an email from my publisher (Hyperion) with an attachment   When I opened the attachment, I saw that Beyond The Obvious had been named #8 on the Top 10 Business Book in Austria! Thanks to all the readers in Austria!   Note:  Through Dec 31st, 100% of the author royalties from my book will […]

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Help Create The 12 Killer Questions To Innovate US Education

I’ve been asked (more like challenged) to create a dozen or so killer questions that could be used by teachers, schools, districts, state education agencies, federal agencies, etc. to help  innovate the educational system in the US.  I took up the challenge as a “pay it forward” project to help the officials think differently about […]

Killer Questions that lead to breakthrough innovations