What is your innovation legacy?

innovation legacy

  One thing that I’ve been thinking about lately, especially given my recent announcement, is what will be my innovation legacy. Another person who pondered this question was Alfred Nobel.  Alfred teamed up with his brother and father and opened a lab in Stockholm to study nitroglycerine.  In 1866, he discovered that by mixing it […]

The Interns Are Back!!

Yes … I’m doing the “experiment” again by having two of my summer interns stay with me.  Based on last summers experience (Start, End, Intern Post), I decided to repeat it again … So far, we have one intern already in the house (Senior from Virginia Tech) with the second one arrive in the next […]

Reverse Mentoring: Things I learned from Phil

reverse mentoring intern experiment

I’ve invited my summer interns to write-up their thoughts/opinions/lessons learned from the summer experiment in reverse mentoring.  Below is the first post from Curtis …   Things I learned from Phil . . . . It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, always produce. Complete the assignments that you are given even it requires working after hours […]

Reverse Mentoring

Reverse Mentoring

Hanging out with staff and interns that are younger than your own children is a real eye-opener.  You quickly realize that you are so far out of the loop – you can’t even see the loop.  The challenge is how to you get yourself back into the loop without looking like a creepy old guy […]