The launch of an innovation …

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Many of you have probably noticed that I've been inconsistent on postings to the blog and the release of podcasts.  There has been a good reason ….

The launch of an innovation

On 5 September, we released an innovation that we've been working on for 18 months .. 18 all consuming months since I was also doing my normal “day job”.  Some of the lessons learned through the process …

  • Put together the best possible team.
  • Protect the team at all cost.  Even if it puts your own status and position at risk.
  • Under fund and under resource the project.  Use the lack of resources to force the team to look to alternatives solutions.
  • Give the team permission to operate “off the reservation”
  • Keep the team focused on the BHG (big harry goal!!) and on an enemy.
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I normally don't use the blog to publicize my job but felt that you might be interested in seeing the results of a killer team that is focused on delivering innovations that matter.

Audio interview on PodTech 

Launching Blackbird (Cnet)

Blackbird (CNN)

UPDATE!  Video of Blackbird on Bleeding Edge TV 


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