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Many governments and organizations have wanted to unravel the magic behind the innovations of Silicon Valley so that they can take it back and re-create its success. After my many years of working and innovating in the valley, I've learned that there isn't a one size fits all way to re-create the valley.  You can't read the latest book outlining the “10 Steps of .. [insert: Apple, Steve Jobs, Google, Facebook, etc]” deploy them in your team and automatically expect success.  Instead, you need to immerse yourself in the valley (not read about it in a book), learn from the leaders and apply what will work for you. So I'm back teaching my Innovation Boot Camp course.

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innovation boot camp silicon valley

I've expanded the Innovation Boot Camp I typically do for private and  in-tact teams by immersing attendees in to the Silicon Valley experience of creating game-changing innovations used by millions of people worldwide.

The workshop allows attendees to spend a week exploring and applying new methods that will help spark innovative thinking in your organization; attend a pitch session and witness a live innovation forum;  benefit from discussions with some of the leading innovators in the valley, participate in tours at leading companies in the valley, all while learning and applying new skills.

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Normally these are closed events.  However, periodically the workshop that is open to the public in Silicon Valley . These are RARE opportunities for individuals who are passionate about innovation and creativity to experience Silicon Valley.

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