Whats missing to ensure we have a robust community of entrepreneurs?


Do you agree that entrepreneur's are artists?

I do.  The act of creating something from nothing is art and that's what entrepreneur's do everyday.  This holds not only for the process of launching a business but also for the innovations they create.

The  drive to innovate is at the heart of the entrepreneur.  Its surprising to learn that the smaller the business, the more patents per employee that are filed.   This holds true no matter the size of the business.  The net result is that entrepreneurs are more efficient at innovating than larger businesses. Maybe its that artist in them …

One key capability that all countries need is a way to teach entrepreneurship and creativity to their future generations.  They are the fuel for innovation and economic growth.

What else is missing to ensure we have a robust community of entrepreneurs?


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3 thoughts on “Whats missing to ensure we have a robust community of entrepreneurs?

  1. I disagree. To me an entrepreneur identifies an opportunity manage risk better than someone else then seeks to build a business around this. And artist is someone who creates something that reflects their view of the world or an idea they have created. Good entrpreunuers don’t ask why, they ask why not.

  2. To me the ‘label’ Artist represents a whimsical creator who cares little for creating anything bigger than an outpouring of their own expression. I prefer to use the term Artisan when a practitioner imparts a clearly intellectualised utility to their creative work. It has a purpose, is intended to do some work and add value in the world. I feel that entrepreneurs are artisans in what they do! … Robert

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