ABC News Video On 3D

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Here is the ABC Tech This Out show on 3D that I appeared in.  This is an old segment that I've been meaning to post.  When do you think 3D will go mainstream??  What do you think is holding it back?? Let me know …

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0 thoughts on “ABC News Video On 3D

  1. > When do you think 3D will go mainstream??

    Depends what you mean by mainstream.

    3D movies in the 60s had theatrical release in major cinemas worldwide, but failed to be more than a novelty event or occasional consumer choice. Then 3D movies died.

    I’d argue similarly for the current rush to 3D in TV sets or cinema releases or even gaming. It’s a novelty, the physical limitations of viewing, with 3D glasses or some other solution, are extremely hard to overcome – frankly it hurts.

    A lot of time and expenditure has been wasted, IMHO, in trying to fit a viewing experience into a physical environment to which it is not suited.

    Simply an opinion, but check out DisplaySearch for their take on the future of 3D uptake.

    Best wishes

    Micheal Zerman
    Adelaide, AUSTRALIA