Are you ever too old for the innovation game?


Are you ever too old for the innovation game?  I sure hope not because I have no plans to stop.  In the case of David Packard, he retired from HP at the ripe old of 81 yet continued to devote his creative abilities to innovate undersea robots and imaging technologies with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which he founded.  David's natural curiosity kept the creative juices flowing.

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For some reason, society believes that innovation is a young person's game.  Wrong!  There are a number of innovation role models who innovated well into their 90's including Frank LLoyd Wright. Many people forget the fact that many of his greatest building, such as the Guggenheim in NYC , came to be when he was past 80.

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I came across this Slideshare deck by Mitch Diktoff that shows that creativity doesn't have to go away with age …

The moral of the story is to keep on innovating …


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One thought on “Are you ever too old for the innovation game?

  1. This is a message more people need to hear. I meet people everyday who seem to be hitting their creative stride as they get older, it is as though they are no longer limited by the fears of youth.