The Future of Innovation: Where Creativity Meets Data

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle developed one of the most creative fictional characters of all time, a character that inspires remake after remake in movies, television shows, and books. People can’t get enough of Sherlock Holmes. But the reason that Doyle was able to captivate audiences with Holmes is because of his research and data. He […]

Surprising Inspiration for Personal Creativity

Whether a businessman, chemist, a doctor, or a poet, personal creativity is essential to success. From creativity, new ideas are spawned, and thus, new innovations. Unfortunately, creative thinking isn’t always a switch to be flipped… or is it? Instead of banging your head against the closest door, check out these interesting instances of real people finding inspiration […]

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Personal Creativity and the Aging Brain

Is it possible to maintain personal creativity as we age, or is creativity destined to decline along with muscle mass, memory, or cardiovascular capacity? Evidence points to the fact that exercising personal creativity can actually help the brain age successfully and keep the mind in top condition. According to a scientific study by psychologists Anne […]

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Personal Creativity Lives in All of Us

We have all heard someone say, “Oh, I am not a creative person at all. I don’t paint, draw, write, or do anything like that.” People tend to think of personal creativity in terms of artistic skills or genetic abilities. But whether that creative spark is a barely-heard whisper or a loud buzz that you simply cannot […]

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Flow: Filling the Well of Personal Creativity

We’ve all experienced that magic state of being completely immersed in something or being blissfully “in the zone”. Everything clicks and you are running on all cylinders. Time seems to fade away, you forget to eat, and your focus is razor-sharp. Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls this feeling flow. Flow occurs when we are totally present […]

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Igniting Personal Creativity

In my book Beyond the Obvious, I discuss the power of questions in igniting personal creativity and thereby create innovations that impact a business or industry. If you’ve read the book, you know what some of those questions are. They begin, “What are . . . ?” “What if . . . ?” “What will be . . . ?” “Who are […]

Igniting Personal Creativity

Are you ever too old for the innovation game?

  Are you ever too old for the innovation game?  I sure hope not because I have no plans to stop.  In the case of David Packard, he retired from HP at the ripe old of 81 yet continued to devote his creative abilities to innovate undersea robots and imaging technologies with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which he […]