Can The Right Questions Unlock Your Creative Process?

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All of us could use a little creativity in our life.  Regardless of what you do for a living, at some point in your work you will have to develop a creative process to move your business forward.  Of course, unless you specifically identify as a creative person, you may feel intimidated by the whole thing.

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It's easy to look at super-creative individuals and think, “They were just born with it.”  But the truth is, all of us are born creative.  All of us are born with imagination, enthusiasm, and creative instinct.  The trick is letting that natural gift flow freely, in spite of the shyness, embarrassment, and self-doubt so many of us develop as we leave childhood.

Asking killer questions help take away that creative pressure that has been weighing you down.  For one thing, when you're in questioning mode, the sky's the limit.  There is no pressure.  There is no right or wrong answer.  This is not high school chemistry–you won't get detention for forgetting the formulas.

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In fact, in this “test,” you can't help but pass.  It's not just an “A for Effort” mentality.  By using killer questions to develop creative solutions, you are already winning.  You have moved beyond the stagnant and predictable, and are making a real effort to see what really matters in your business or creative life.  Every question that you answer will reveal more and more about who you are, where you are, and where you want to go.

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When you formulate questions, on some level, your mind can help but formulate answers. That is the power of questions.  Don't stop at the first and obvious answer.  The further you break down the problem with targeted questions, the better ideas that are generated.

No matter what you are trying to achieve, your goals will be better served by a enthusiastic and creative attitude.  The great thing about questions is that, in addition to finding answers, the best questions also generate new (and better) questions.  Eventually, before you even realize it, you will have questioned yourself right into a creative fervor.

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