5 Great Reasons to Ask Questions

In a world where customers have access to an almost unlimited number of products, most of which they may not even use, it becomes even more important to differentiate yourself in order to draw attention to what you might have to offer.  How can you make a customer’s life easier, better or more interesting?  Why should they […]

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The Impossible Project: Take something old and make it new again.

What if your best new business idea is simply a way to make an old idea new again? That is the question asked by the drivers behind The Impossible Project, a leap of faith effort to bring back analog instant photography invented by Polaroid. In 2008, Polaroid announced it would dismantle all production of its instant film, thereby making its […]

Polaroid Impossible Project

Can The Right Questions Unlock Your Creative Process?

All of us could use a little creativity in our life.  Regardless of what you do for a living, at some point in your work you will have to develop a creative process to move your business forward.  Of course, unless you specifically identify as a creative person, you may feel intimidated by the whole thing. It’s […]

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Beyond The Obvious Is Now Available In Simplified Chinese [创客学:苹果公司也在偷师的创新课]

During my recent trip to China I discovered that the simplified Chinese translation of my book, Beyond The Obvious (创客学:苹果公司也在偷师的创新课), has been released and on-sale.  I reached out to the publisher while I was in China and there was a mad scramble to setup a handful of press interviews while I was there.  My current plan […]

Great Innovations From Asking the Right Questions

Innovation is not about solving just any problem but about knowing which problems to solve. We discovery the right problem by asking the right questions.  There are a number of inflection points in history in which a brilliant person took a popularly held assumption – even one that is totally counter-intuitive – and changed it by […]

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Igniting Personal Creativity

In my book Beyond the Obvious, I discuss the power of questions in igniting personal creativity and thereby create innovations that impact a business or industry. If you’ve read the book, you know what some of those questions are. They begin, “What are . . . ?” “What if . . . ?” “What will be . . . ?” “Who are […]

Igniting Personal Creativity

Slides For “Predicting The Future: Answers Versus Questions” Speech

Last week, I gave a keynote speech at Edelman’s Leadership event in Chicago. The company brings together the top ~100 executives from around the world once a year. Richard Edelman asked me to present a talk at lunch about the “future of technology”. I took some liberty with the topic and focused on the needed skill of “planning for the future”.

Smart Questions

The best innovations are those that come from smart questions. As a student, Dr. William Hunter, a leading cell biologist and CEO of Vancouver -based Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, was told by one professor that the difference between good science and great science is the quality of the questions posed. Leaders seeking killer ideas that will lead […]

Smart Questions