Don’t get enamored with the new and shiny. It could be a trap.

When it comes to new innovations, we sometimes ignore the underlying ideas that make it work. It is hard but we need to look beyond the new and shiny and understand what makes the innovation an innovation.

new and shiny word of mouth

Since I announced the book, I've been swamped with offers from companies and consultants with what they claim is the latest innovation in online marketing and promotion.  I have to admit that some of these “new and shiny” ideas look enticing. but when you step back, the underlying idea that makes online marketing work is word of mouth.  Word of mouth is driven by creating a great product and then backing it up with great customer service.  Sounds simple, doesn't it.  Then why have so many organizations ignored the basics and instead gone for the new and shiny?

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Here is a good reminder of why the word of mouth basics are where the real innovations take place.

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