Joining Computer History Museum Board Of Directors

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enter My wife would argue that my office looks like a computer museum.  I'm sitting here looking at a stack of old IBM punch cards, an  original Compaq lugable, old HP Jornada's  and 100's of other gadgets …. not to mention my collection of Byte and Wired magazines.   I will admit it, I'm a pack rat.  So it seems appropriate that I would get involved with the Computer History Museum.    The Museum is all about collecting, preserving and sharing the history of the computer industry.  It's home to the largest collection of computing artifacts in the world, encompassing computer hardware, software, documentation, photographs and moving images.

see url Visit the Computer History Museum site for more information on the museum and to see the collection online.

otc viagra canada Here is the press release announcing that I've joined the Board Of Trustees. No, I did NOT donate my colletion to the museum … at least not yet  😉

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