Observations from CES

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It's that time of year again to get totally exhausted trying to see everything at CES. This year, there wasn't much in the way of true innovations being shown or announced at CES (or for that matter, at MacWorld). The hype of the term still continues. When I pushed back on the people staffing different booths, their descriptions of their so-called innovation
was shocking. These included:

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  • It's smaller (or bigger – like the +100″ LCD display battles)
  • It's cheaper
  • We have more color options (honest!!)
  • It's a better version of ABC

You almost have to laugh – except each person I talked to was quite serious about their unique innovation. Given this, I can almost predict where each of these companies stock price will be in 2 years. Maybe I should start a “non-innovation” list and see if I'm right ….

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The picture above is from the Voodoo room at the party … click here to read more

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