What Is Hot and Not For Innovations at CES 2018

Annual CES Predictions for 2018

Each year for the last decade or so, we put together a list of what will be the hot innovations for the coming year. This year, I’ve included what I think will be the innovations that will be over-hyped in 2018. so – here is my view of what will hot and not for innovations […]

Innovations at CES

The CES Hype Machine Was As Full Speed

Last week we saw the CES hype machines operating at full speed.  Ahead of the show, I posted a column over at Forbes on my prediction for the most over-hyped innovations for CES 2012. After a few days at CES, I  found three innovations that I felt have future potential (none of these innovations are shipping and […]

CES hype innovation at CES

Technology And Woman

During a breakfast I hosted at CES, I shared my view of the role of woman in deciding what technology gets purchased. Radiris over at Hardware Geeks posted about the story I shared in an interesting perspective comparing the reaction woman get at CES and AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo – the “porn” show that was also in Las Vegas).