Sundance and 3D (Updated with video)


With all of the excitement around 3D (Avatar, UP, Monsters Versus Aliens, etc) , the key driver for the future success of the media is in expanding the development of good 3D content.  Because of the newness of the media, there is  the need to share the lessons learned, techniques and technologies to help content creators.  So the members of the loosely organized “3D Consortium” (DreamWorks, Sony, Disney, NBA and HP) came together to develop a  3D Workshop for the Sundance Film Festival.   I chaired the workshop yesterday.  The other members of the workshop panel included:

  • Bruce A. Hendricks, President Physical Production, Disney
  • Steve Hellmuth, CIO, EVP Technology, NBA
  • David (Buzz) Hays, Senior VP, Sony Technology Center, Sony Pictures Image Works
  • Mark Lewis, Independent Producer/Director, Radio Pictures and Director of “Cane Toads: The Conquest”, a 3D film premiering at Sundance 2010
  • Phil McNally, Global Stereoscopic FX Supervisor, DreamWorks Animation
  • Ken Venturi, EVP Interactive Media  & Chief Creative Officer, NCM Media Networks
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As evidence of the interest in 3D,  the workshop was packed (~200 people) with an overflow crowd standing in the foyer trying to listen in.

As a part of the workshop, we (HP) unveiled technology demonstration of  Project Pluribus projecting 3D content on a 11′ x 6′ multi-projector display (visible behind me in the photo).  More info coming soon …

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Update (01/28/2010) :  The video for the full workshop is now up at Youtube – Sundance 3D Workshop Video

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