5 Great Reasons to Ask Questions

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In a world where customers have access to an almost unlimited number of products, most of which they may not even use, it becomes even more important to differentiate yourself in order to draw attention to what you might have to offer.  How can you make a customer’s life easier, better or more interesting?  Why should they choose you?  To find out, ask questions that reveal what your questions really want.

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However, these are not the only reasons why you may need to ask questions.  If you look at children, you’ll see that they ask questions because they are curious.  Often, you might even get exasperated by the number of questions they ask and how they don’t seem to make any sense.  It's through the answers to these questions that children learn .  They realize that you can’t experiment on everything (although they will try to do this too).  So they have to learn from the experiences of others.

Adults will ask questions when they gather information through sources of media like newspapers and the internet.  But there’s nothing like the process of asking questions to a real person and getting their perspective on things.  Here are a few reasons why you might want to ask questions:

  • You discover something new.  Often, when you ask questions, whether they’re related to something within the company or not, you discover something new.  This may not automatically lead you in a new direction but it’s possible that, in the future, it will benefit you in some way.
  • You put things together.  Often, by asking questions that are unrelated to the topic, you will discover new ideas and perspectives you had never considered.  For example, when it comes to selling a product, it might benefit you to know more about the mindset of your customer rather than just what steps you can take to increase sales.
  • You remember things.  Asking questions is likely to jog your memory.  You might remember something that helped you in the past that you had forgotten.  Or you might remember someone else who had a similar experience and how they dealt with it.
  • You resolve issues.  You can also resolve issues by asking questions that seem to have nothing to do with the topic at hand.  If two people are arguing about something, it might help to know more about them and where they’re coming from before the issue can be resolved.
  • You understand people better.  Most people love to answer questions about themselves.  We’re all hungry to be understood, not just because we want to get our way but because we want to feel important.  So instead of talking at a person, it’s important to talk with them.
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What question have you asked yourself lately that helped you develop a new idea/innovation?


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3 thoughts on “5 Great Reasons to Ask Questions

  1. It pains me to see entrepreneurs who have created a product and THEN go looking for customers asking them to buy the product only to find their customers aren’t interested in what they have to offer.

    Questions have so many amazing benefits. In addition to all the great benefits you listed above,
    asking our target audience quality questions before and while we develop products for them is the surest way to protect ourselves from ever finding ourselves in the situation of struggling to find buyers and having wasted hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

    So why do we then hesitate to ask questions if they’re so valuable? I suspect it’s sometimes because we don’t want to appear to not know all the answers. I think the best way to become and remain an expert is to readily accept that there is much we don’t know on a subject and willingly identify ourselves as learners. I know there is so much I don’t know and that’s just part of the adventure.

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