Why is it so hard to give a good speech?

problem solving is The ability to communicate is a skill/ability that is in short supply.  I know of a number of highly intelligent people who seem to struggle during their presentations to share their ideas.  If you can’t effectively communicate, then the impact of your ideas is near zero.  Communicating, especially publicly in the form of a speech or presentation, […]

Video of “March On Wireless” Panel At The Churchill Club

argumentation essays On Tuesday, I joined the Churchill Club panel “March On Wireless”. The other participants included: Mike Bell VP, Ultra Mobility Group, Intel Hakan Eriksson, CTO, Ericsson Eric Klein, VP Technology Planning, Nokia The moderator for the panel was Don Clark, San Francisco Deputy Bureau Chief, Wall Street Journal. The panel went on for ~90 minutes so the two (2) video embedded below […]

churchill club

Slides From The Keynote At The Open Innovation Summit

click here   Below are the slides I used during my keynote this morning at the Open Innovation Summit in Orlando.  The topic was “How to Win In The Creative Economy” and touched on: The transtion we are experiencing from the knowledge economy to the creative economy The challenges of innovation (corporate anti-bodies, educational systems, etc) The […]

Slides From The Keynote At The Open Innovation Summit

Speech: Future Trends Predicted in 1999

enter Someone recently sent me an video of a speech I gave to HP back in 1999. At the time, I was still with Teligent. As I listen to it, I’m amazed at the points I made. Had I listened to myself, I would have saved myself a lot of grief from the decline in my […]

Creating a vision video to tell your innovation story

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Speech: The Power Of Ubquity

https://recyclefloridatoday.org/4711-essay-on-pollution/ Attached is the MP3 for a speech I gave at ITU Korea in September. This is a 20 minute presentation on “Ubiquity” (theme for ITU this year …). This is the first presentation where HP begins to define the concept behind “federation” as it applied to the communication industry. The speech covers: – federation of […]

The Power Of Ubiquity

Speech: The Changing Experience Requirements

follow url Here is another of the recent speeches (still trying to catch-up) ….. This is one I gave at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention last year. The core of the message is on the needs of the industry to look beyond just the “end user experience” and look towards: – the experience of creating […]

The Changing Experience Requirements

Speech: Capitalize on the digital entertainment revolution

generic cialis greece I know it’s been some since I last posted recent speeches … so here is one that I delivered to the International Association of Radio and Television Engineers conference on October 21, 2004. I’ve attached both the presentation material and the MP3 recording of the speech. Sorry — HP requires that I “cut” the video’s […]

Capitalize on the digital entertainment revolution