Innovation Antibodies: Thanks but no thanks for your ideas … now please go away

The innovation antibodies are alive and well in every organization that I've ever been involved with.  Some people just can't help themselves.  They feel like they have the right and obligation to educate the person as to why their ideas won't work.

By allowing these people to operate unchecked, leaders signal to the organization that new ideas will be rejected and thus innovation is not important.

So what are you to do? Avoid the anti-bodies at all cost if you can.  Go around them … even go silent and execute your idea as an underground project.  You can always ask for foregiveness later.

If you are the anti-body within your organization, how can you change?

  1. Repent from your past sins
  2. Read the 11 rules for getting along
  3. Follow them

What creative ways have you used to avoid the corporate antibodies?


p.s. If you haven't figured out by now, I'm a big fan of Tom Fishburne.  If you don't read his stuff, you should.


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7 thoughts on “Innovation Antibodies: Thanks but no thanks for your ideas … now please go away

  1. I’m afraid ‘avoid the anti-bodies at all cost’ doesn’t work. Whether you confront their ignorance or not, they are still militising people against you behind your back. In an environment undergoing a change, this kind of sabotage is embraced by the frightened reactionaries.

    When you get to this point, skip the nobility and just look for the nearest exit. I made the mistake of hanging in there and ended up with a sabatoged project, a ruined livelihood and a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. Thankfully the latter was changed to a diagnosis of severe hyperglycemia after a review but it still taken most of the past year to recover. And I’m a guy who’s made a career out of problem-solving.

  2. The sad but inevitable truth is that innovation is all but dead until the current market situation is corrected. As long as our collective mentality is hyper-focused on the short-term gains that the financial markets demand, there’s not just a disincentive to think creatively… There’s a very real & tangible penalty.

    We’ve seen a lot of incremental improvements over the last few decades, but the kind of noble innovation for the sake of doing so has long been replaced in our culture by a desire to create something buzz-worthy enough to attract some quick venture capital.

    We could cure cancer but it’s just so much more profitable to keep treating the symptoms… & then the side effects of the treatment. Jaded? Just a little:)

  3. In Mexico they have a saying.. .”There is no such thing as an ugly wife, only a poor husband”.. it’s the same with ideas

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