Walking Around With Forbes at CES

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During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES),  I'm busy with meetings and press interviews the first few days of the show so I reserve Saturday to get out and see what others are showing.  This year, Brian Caulfield asked if he and a video crew from Forbes could join me for the first hour of my traditional Saturday walk of the show floor.  That task was to show Brian a few of the technologies that I thought were interesting.

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Forbes video

We stopped by:

  • Qualcomm (FloTV)
  • Microsoft Embedded (Ford Sync)
  • LG (3D)
  • Motorola (Droid)

I wasn't sure how exciting this was going to be – you be the judge.

Link to the Forbes Video (Forbes.com) (YouTube.com)
Link to Brian's article on Forbes ….

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  1. According to HP Touchpad there were 64 million tablets sold last year. If you take into account HP’s pure size and Palm’s relatively small, but stable following – I think the HP touchpad can be the number 2 tablet of the year. Android is going to be released on too many different hardware platforms imo.